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Smash Caps: The Official Milkcap Fun Book

Lawrence Paros
Harpercollins Juvenile Books
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There's more to POGS than one might think.

All sorts of games can be played with them.

Based on the Japanese game of "menko" and brought to the Hawaiian Islands by immigrants, the games were played with milkcaps until milk was put in cartons.

Resurrected in 1991 by an elementary school teacher, the game became an instant success when kids started calling it POGS after a bottled juice (passion fruit, orange, guava) made in Hawaii.

It was a short trip to Southern California and from there across the country.

The authors give the history of this fad; directions for some games; and tips for trading, buying, selling, and collecting.

Black-and-white cartoons appear on every page.

Interesting and fun reading that lends validity to a collectible that may be misunderstood in some areas.


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