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Face of the American Dream

Christopher Varaste
Hobby House
192 Seiten
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WOW! 1999! A year celebrating the Millenium, countless retrospectives of the past century and of course, Barbie doll's 40th anniversary as the original Supermodel!

Face of the American Dream started out as a photographic valentine to Barbie and then expanded into a celebration of women, and the rocky road they paved in the swinging 60's as the Women's Liberation movement developed.

Pouring over old fashion magazines, it was curious to see how the doll was altered to fit the styles of the day. Talk about reinvention!

Mattel employees must have worked round the clock to keep up with the ever changing fashion trends.

From the bouffant to the micro-mini, Barbie doll's evolution, in retrospect, mirrored the changing cultural role of women in the most colorful, psychedelic decade of the 20th Century.

Coincidentally, this year's focus on the 60's started out with a TV retrospective (The Sixties) and mushroomed into a giant Hollywood hit about a 60's swinger (Austin Powers)!

What a cool (groovy, far out, hip) way to lead in to this book on the decade that changed America!

At the forefront, in an endless parade of looks are the early Barbie dolls, like frozen time capsules of the way we were...

I guess this is a gentleman's patriotic salute to the fantastic world of girls, dolls, models, fashion and beauty! Like WOW!!!

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